Here’s President Trump’s Disinfectant Remix You Didn’t Know You Needed!

Did I ever mention how funny President Donald Trump is? I mean, he is so hilarious and convincing that after he mused at a White House briefing that ingesting disinfectant could cure COVID-19, hundreds of people called the state hotline asking whether they should drink bleach. Hilarious!

Like, Trump literally asked medical experts on his coronavirus task force if people could inject disinfectant or even UV light (no, really) into their bodies as a means of fighting the coronavirus (THEY CAN’T. Do not ingest disinfectant products to battle the coronavirus, even if POTUS tells you to).

Here’s Trump’s Disinfectant Remix You Didn’t Know You Needed!

However, on Monday, the show returned with a look at the whole weird deal like if it was just an inept standup comedy set.

The White House tried to hold that Trump was taken out of context, where Trump claimed that he was only acting sarcastic. No one had a better explanation as to why a sitting president would act humorous about a plague that has already killed over 56,000 Americans at the moment of writing, plus the video of the exchange doesn’t support the interpretation that Trump was only joking. Not even Fox News accepted that excuse, and as one would expect, his comments were widely mocked.

Here’s Fox’s ‘The Five’ laugh off Trump’s disinfectant comments:

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