Delivery Guy Befriends A Kind Homeowner, Pics Goes Viral

How often do you see people making somebody’s day, or doing an act of kindness down the street – it’s unique to see, isn’t it? But with so many people working so hard, struggling to find a satisfying job – how happy they would get if someone only asks them how their day went? Though it’s not a big deal, at least, it shows that someone cares, and I bet there are thousands of such little things you can do for humanity. And recently, a kind woman, Sarah Barnes, sets an example of making a day of one delivery guy by leaving snacks packages on her front door.

Sarah Barnes Told That She Had Seen Her Friends Leaving Care Packages For Delivery Drivers, So She Decided To Try It Herself By Leaving Snack Packages For The Delivery Boy On Her House’s Front Door. And She Put Children’s Variety Snacks Because That’s What The Mom Had On-Hand At That Time!

Posted by Sarah Barnes on Monday, December 16, 2019

Kyle Smith, 25-year-old, who works three part-time jobs, including one at Amazon, and delivers at least 200 packages a day, got a burst of joy when he saw one Murfreesboro, Tennessee, household had left some snacks for hard-working delivery workers like him – so much so that he broke into an irresistible dance, “I was so focused on the snacks, and I was so hungry. I was in my happy dance,” Kyle Smith said, furthermore adding, “I was like, Thank You, God!”

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The Viral-Friends Were Introduced To Each Other, And I Bet There Friendship Is Going To Run Longer:

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Sarah shared her views on putting children’s variety snacks for the delivery guy, “My friend was picking on me, saying, they’re going to know you have kids because those are all kiddie snacks.” But the Capri Sun juice pouches that she provided turned out to be the most exciting part of the gesture for Kyle Smith, as he told he hadn’t seen one Capri Sun juice pouch since his fifth grade, and that’s what made him dance so happily on his way back to his delivery truck!

These two friends have decided to share a bond built on spreading kindness and paying it forward, “I want people to understand it’s so much bigger than snacks,” Smith said, “It’s about caring, loving, sharing for people, and most importantly, making someone’s day.” 

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