Owner Reveals How He Wakes His Deaf And Blind Pup, And My Heart Just Split!

Owner Aiden Michael Mann has a pup who is both deaf & blind, and one of the questions he’s often questioned is ~ how does he manage to wake his innocent dog without actually scaring her? And the answer is simple – showing the ultimate love and care.

Michael posted a video where he demonstrates his natural, sweet technique for tempting his pup, Plump, awake.

“I slightly blow on her,” he mentioned, as the video showed him lying down on the ground and tenderly blowing Plump’s face. “She still gets a little startled until she feels me. Then she wants all the love.” Aww! Pardon me, but they’re so made for each other.

A user in the comments recommended waking her with smell by bringing a treat to her nose, and Aiden answered he does that sometimes. “But if I don’t have food, this is the only way she won’t pee when I wake her.”

And their cuddle-session following her wakeup “call” was so friendly, notably when Plum rested her paw on Michael.

“Daddy’s here,” he inscribed on the video. “And always will be,” I say they deserve a ‘petoscar’ for this stunning feat.

Watch the heart-melting Instagram clip of a man demonstrating the simplest way he wakes his deaf & blind pup down below!


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