People Are Terror Buying Food, Water, And Toilet Paper Due To Covid-19 Outbreak, Yet No One Is Ready To Buy Dasani Water!

So you’ve probably seen (or experienced), due to the Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of folks are stockpiling essential supplies and terror shopping for food and water – except for Dasani water!

However, as a result of panic shopping, a lot of grocery shops have been very much empty.

Twitter |@13zn12

So, it’s common now if you don’t find food, water, and essential supplies at popular chain stores.

Twitter | @SassyMa_Vazquez

And it’s quite troublesome HOW EMPTY THESE STORES ARE!!!

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But one unusual thing a few people have noticed is that – a lot of stores aren’t running out of Dasani water.

Twitter | @SteelNationMUT

Like, the water shelves at many stores are wholly empty…except for Dasani.

Twitter | @Ty_Land

Basically, it’s actually some of the ONLY water left in stores.

Twitter | @Beckman24Joe

And it’s so baffling to me!!!


I mean, everyone is noticing its presence:

Twitter | @RenTheVocal

I guess it hurts you more than the Covid-19!

Twitter | @inkr3dibl3_k

WOW!!! Literally…wow.


Anyway, it’s a bonus to know that if you do need some water right now, there’s a 1000% percent chance you can still find some Dasani water at the stores! Stay Safe, YOU!!!


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