Pet Owners Should Be Extra Cautious Of Their Pets During Coyote Mating Season

Well, we’ve officially stumbled into coyote mating season, and that means, every pet owner should take extra precautions to keep their beloved furry friends safe.

As in the start of the coyote mating season means a frequent increase in daytime coyote sightings, which could put your pets at risk of potentially fatal attacks.

Though Coyote Mating Season Starts In December Technically, Its Peak Breeding Time Is From Late February To March!

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According to animal experts, during coyote mating season, coyotes, who are usually nocturnal, are more likely to be spotted out and during the daytime. Plus, they can get pretty feisty when they’re on the hunt.

Like this Facebook post from the Humane Society of Granville County reads, “Male coyotes can become more threatening during this time of year, the long and short of it all is that coyotes always pose a risk to your doggo (and other small pets). That risk increases during mating season.”

Also, Unspayed Or Unneutered Pets Can Be In Grave Peril During This Time Of Year:

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Furthermore, HSGC explains, “Coyotes are attracted to and can mate with unspayed or unneutered domestic dogs. Unspayed female dogs in season can attract male coyotes. Un-neutered male dogs can be lured away by the scent of a female coyote in her ovulation cycle.”

In supplement to that, male dogs can be enticed by the female coyote’s scent and killed by male coyotes.

Oh, And FYI, Coyotes Are Strangely Intelligent Animals That Watch And Learn The Schedules Of Humans And Their Pets:

Unsplash | Theodor Vasile

To avoid any potential and tragic attack, the animal experts advises pet owners to tilt their (and their pets’) routine a little bit because coyotes are smart animals slash detectives – so if a coyote attacked your pet today (I hope it does not), it had been tracking you and your pet for a while.

And, While You Think Most Coyotes Will Tend To Avoid Humans, Others Will Risk It By Jumping Over Fences To Attack Your Pets In Backyards:

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It means you shouldn’t leave your doggo alone in an electric-fenced area because coyotes can jump over even high fences. So, please alert your neighbors that they shouldn’t feel much comfortable only because they have a net in the backyard.

Plus, HSGC outlines specific steps for pet owners to keep their pets safe from a painful event:

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These include guarding your pets closely, keeping them indoors unless they are being supervised, and not letting them off the rope, even while they’re in your lawn.

Additionally, the organization urges people to collect garbage bags in wildlife-proof vessels and not to feed their pets outdoors.

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