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Watch An Impatient Coyote Spurring His Slow-Moving Badger Pal Up So They Can Check Out A Tunnel Together!

A friendship between animals of different species is always a cutesy thing to watch, no matter if their species is at war against each other. Case in point – an anxious coyote was taped encouraging a slow badger hunting pal to get into a tunnel so that they could cross under a highway in California.

The video got an instant buzz over the internet, as people adored the friendship-bond between the two creatures.

Watch An Impatient Coyote Hurrying His Slow-Moving Badger Pal Into The Dark:

As peculiar as it might sound when you first hear it, but coyotes and badgers tend to defend each other out in the field, plus the two species can be spotted hunting together.

Reddit user, Chopperhead2011, responded, “Badgers will pursue prairie dogs underground since they’re adept at digging and not quick on their feet (paws?), while the coyote keeps an eye out for escaping prey since he’s more suited for chasing them down.”

Furthermore, the user continued that the very analogs method can also be witnessed between groupers and moray eels hunting in coral reefs. Anywho, it should be noted that coyotes and badgers aren’t the best of pals – in fact, they seldom even prey on each other!

The Video Went Viral After Russ McSpadden Tweeted It:


An Impatient Coyote Hurrying His Slow-Moving Badger Buddy To Get Into The Subway To Pass Under The Highway In California!


But actually, co-operation is the perfect strategy for coyotes and badgers alike, even if they might seem to take each other down. As both species appear to strategize that, in the long-run, it’s much stabler to be hunting allies because even if one of them ends up empty-handed on some hunts, it will increase the likelihood that at least the other will snag a midnight snack.


In a nutshell, let’s think of the relation between coyotes and badgers as a sort of open relationship if you will.


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