Did Isolation Get You Down? Don’t Worry, Coz I Bet These 19 Wholesome Pics Will Comfort Your Soul!

You know, there hasn’t been a great deal of good news anywhere in the world, and with over 9,81,220 COVID-19 cases confirmed globally, people are finding it hard to keep their enthusiasm up. Plus, the pandemic is exhausting essential supplies like toilet paper, gloves and masks, and even food and water in some regions ~ and it seems like we’re a step away from big chaos. But not so fast! Because this compilation of wholesome pics of corona-news is here to comfort your soul and restore your faith in humankind.

The Viral Candy has grouped a list of the most wholesome COVID-19 stories that prove love and compassion do exist in these troublesome times, and no matter what the hell happens, we’re always there for each other. Feelin’ your heart meltin’ already? Share these wholesome pieces with your beloved ones to comfort them and to show how much they mean to you!


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#3. “A man in Morristown, NJ, standing outside the emergency room with this sign. Remember to say thank you to those on the front lines!”

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