Lady Gone Viral After A Stranger Stopped Her In The Subway To Finish The Lyrics To Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” And Her Voice Is Blowing The World!

Well, now and then, we get to witness emerging street artists around the world – thanks to the social world, that people are only a few clicks away. Anyway, there’s a new main pop girl in town, so, without wasting much time – let’s welcome – Charlotte Awbery!

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Big hair!!

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Yeah, her name is Charlotte Awbery – and maybe you’ve witnessed her storm on Twitter recently – because she has taken upon the whole world with her voice.

And thanks to this comedian named Kevin Freshwater – who confronted this passerby on the subway to finish the famous track of Lady Gaga – “Shallow.”

And the woman utterly ate it up!

But little did the comedian know then that the unassuming woman was a singer and songwriter named Charlotte Awbery. Plus, since the clip went viral, she is gained over 40K new Instagram followers – hence, becoming the new pop queen.

A star was definitely renowned as soon as she hit those high notes!

The world has started falling in love with Charlotte!

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She is even prominent in Brazil now:

People are so in awe of her talent:

Twitter | @fourstarspirit

Now it’s time to release a damn album, Charlotte!

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