Jimmy Fallon Asks Twitter Users To Change Movie Titles Into Quarantine Edition, And They Deliver!

Well, I guess you very well know that due to the ongoing pandemic, Jimmy Fallon has been entertaining people from his house, producing the Tonight Show At Home Edition, and has been using his Twitter account as a channel to provide much-needed recreation during the COVID-19 self-isolation. And like last week, when he brought his hashtag #IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen on Twitter – phrases guaranteed to make you laugh, lately, he returned to his ‘hashtags’ segment, asking fans to change movie titles into quarantine edition in his #QuarantineAMovie Edition ~ and the fans delivered the hilarious titles possible!

So, let’s see how people changed movie titles into quarantine edition. Here are the best ones:

#1. ‘Do Little’

Twitter | MsMann95

#2. ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding Got Canceled’

Twitter | leo71768659

#3. ’50 Shades of Grey Roots’

Twitter | tinagibala

#4. ‘Gloves, Actually’

Twitter | Caffeine748

#5. ‘Honey, I Flunked The Kids’

Twitter | pollygolightly

#6. ‘The Devil Wears Sweatpants’

Twitter | SandyLeeTV

#7. ‘Stay at Home Alone’

Twitter | KevKellam

#8. ‘Avengers: Infinity Conference Calls’

Twitter | SYFYWIRE

#9. ‘A Star Is Bored’

Twitter | WatchMojo

#10. ‘Good Will Hunting for Toilet Paper’

Twitter | Zaharako

#11. ‘Ferries Bueller’s Year Off’

Twitter | ThisGirlTweets

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