This Playful Catto Destroys A 2432-Piece Doraemon Figure That Took Its Owner Seven Days To Make!

Anyone – who owns a cat could tell how playful little cats are! And oh boy (or lady), a catto would do hundreds of insane experiments to get your attention because they utterly get jealous if you neglect them! So, feel lucky for getting so much attention!

Anyway, one playful catto found the craziest way to get its owner’s attention – it wrecked a huge 2,432-piece figure of Doraemon, feeling no regret about it!

A Toy-Store Owner Made A 2,434-Piece Figure Of Doraemon For A Client This New Year…But His Catto Smashed It!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Just Like This…

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

The toy-store owner posted the pics of his cats and the mess on Facebook, and the story got viral instantly. With over 63,000 likes and 23,000 comments, people are making sure the cat is not punished. However, as a catto owner, I know, no one’s ever dared to get mad on them. Because if the cat hadn’t broken the piece, the owner hasn’t got so much attention that he is getting, I mean, cats can predict the future – and the internet is running safely by them after all!

But the client wanted the Doraemon piece by new year, and we still don’t know whether the toy-shop-owner managed to recraft the masterpiece before the deadline, but we certainly hope well and envy (that’s me) him for having such a mischevious cat. Laura, you’re not learning this, please, bye!

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