Reddit User Photoshops Her Cat’s Face Onto Bees, And It Looks As Sweet As Honey!


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Well, I don’t know much about you, but I can surely use some free time scrolling through some of the crispiest, hilarious, and cutest pics of furry critters. And why shouldn’t I? Because that’s the very reason I haven’t caught up on COVID-19 yet, I mean, it’s my very reason for surviving all-day at home fully isolated.

Plus, technology has been so useful and handy to the humankind these days. For a fact, take photo editing as an example ~ it’s so easy to photoshop an image nowadays. And while some use it professionally, touching up photos of models or sceneries to make exquisite bits of art, some people use it to turn their cat’s face onto bees, which also results in stunning compositions of artwork.

Just Like This Reddit User, mattjh, Who Posted A Pic On The Subreddit r/funny With The Title, “My sister keeps photo-shopping her cat’s face onto bees.” The Post Quickly Gained The VIRAL-FLU, Spreading Like Wildfire.

Reddit | mattjh

Once user mattjh made the post, it pollinated a lot of attraction, firing in to be one of the most favorite posts that day, gathering over 124K upvotes at the time of writing.

Unsurprisingly, folks wholly loved it, discussing how much that cat’s face fit naturally onto the bee.

Google Images

Or saying how grouchy the cat looks, “That’s the most pissed off bee I’ve ever seen,” wrote user Admirable_Hawk, while WamboNr5 said, “It’s weird AF, but somehow the cats face fits. I am really confused.”

And though, our team artist, Koty Vezde, has amazingly touched us by her “Bumblebee” piece, I would like to acknowledge user mattjh for showing me a joyful place on the internet, that’s a catbee for sure!

Instagram | koty_vezde

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