These Tweets Will Prove That Cats Can Play The Game Of Fetch Better Than Dogs!


First thing first, dogs are crowned with the trophy of ‘Fetch Champions,’ and they are trying harder every day for not losing it to cats. But on the contrary, cats are damn sure for taking over the place with their ultra-excite-powers, and by the way, they are pretty close to that. Yeah, we’ve grouped some best tweets where people share their cats’ performances of playing fetch. And believe it or not, seeing cats play the game of fetch, the tables will turn in no time in the coming years.

Because Fetch Is The Game Of Grabbing And Retrieving, Cats Have Excelled Their Levels Of Flash-Speed To Stand Up Against Their Opponents. And On The Other Hand, They Are More Adorable!!!

Dogs had been aware of their opponents for a long time, and though they have failed of hunting cats and instead became the partners in crime, the doggo community has a chance winning their superiority against cats by bringing the trophy back home. Because though cats can play fetch, but they are insanely prankish, and that could be a bent which dogs would merrily jump over.

But I Doubt The Catto Tribe Will Give Up That Easily. I Mean, These Tweets Are The Proof That Cats Can Play Fetch Way Better Than Dogs!














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