Ten Plus Images That Show Why We Still Can’t Take This World Seriously

OK, even though a lot of recent years have been terrifying for us, it’s somehow even the case that a part of humans is still acting weird, and after seeing them, it’s hard to trust this world again. I mean, seriously!

After all, it’s kind of frustrating whether to squeal or tensely chuckle when these slides go sideways now. So whether the wacky stuff we’re about to see would make us laugh or prepare us for the future, we will surely witness the world as one big joke.

#1. I don’t get why, but I am a little curious to know how a mermaid ended up in a laundry machine!

Reddit | clearedtoland22

#2. I know there is nothing so special about a cat lying down, but the way it’s doing, it is eating me alive!

Reddit | EverettTheGuy

#3. Well, it certainly appears like something that is hard to do by accident, so I can only gape what the fan person had against the projector guy!

Reddit | S44F4Y4T

#4. Even if they don’t trouble you in the way of walking, I can clearly picture a lot of scenarios where these footwear would be a severe annoyance.

Reddit | gknewell

#5. I like how seriously both these guys are staring at us as if to say, “WHAT?”

Reddit | JareBearnocare

#6. Strange enough, but this isn’t the only toilet I’ve seen squatting out in the middle of the wastelands.

Reddit | OyeSimpson

#7. I’m 100% sure there’s a setting for why this is befalling, but shhh…let’s not ruin the charm.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

#8. At least this time, it’s only my panorama that’s disturbing.

Reddit | mrthrowawayaccount30

#9. Recognizing that all these guys would commonly have to do is nail some wooden-planks together, they have to be showing off here:

Reddit | yeerk_slayer

However, the guy standing upside-down must have some damn confidence in the horse’s riding guy, putting his groin on the line like this! But I wouldn’t recommend it.

#10. Let is never be announced that this car’s owner doesn’t have a positive mindset:

Reddit | YourBrainSmellsSpicy

#11. It’s hard to assume what the eater was trying to experiment here, but I don’t think it worked out, or the eater has a very odd taste!

Reddit | actuallyyourfloor

#12. Oh jeez, it seems like yet another shopper didn’t get what they were guaranteed from an online retailer:

Reddit | Monkeyz

However, if I ever receive any pseudo product online, I will immediately report it instead of making a fool of myself online.

Anyway, I will pretend controlled now!

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