Teacher Moved To Tears By His Students Pooling Money To Replace His Stolen Shoes

When teacher Trey Payne was heartbroken to discover that his favorite pair of sneakers had been stolen out of his classroom, his students decided to make a better situation for him.

So, let’s say, middle schoolers aren’t so silly and immature everyone thinks they are! 


Recently, a video went viral on TikTok, where a group of middle schoolers mustered together to surprise their teacher with a new pair of shoes.

Schoolteacher, Trey Payne, found his Basketball shoes missing from his office:


Logan Fontenelle Middle School teacher, Trey Payne, was distressed to know that his fitness basketball shoes were stolen out of his classroom.

And since the shoes were also quite pricey, Payne’s students were expressly upset over the theft.

Payne didn’t think much of it, but his students wanted to help:


The students then pooled their money to overwhelm their teacher with a brand new pair of fitness shoes:

An eighth-grade student, Emma Mitchell, said, “He gave to us so much that he deserves it, more than anyone.”

And in a video, which has been shared over 25K times across social media, Payne can be seen opening the shoebox and then promptly breaking into tears.

And he says, “The shoes didn’t matter to me, the shoes don’t matter, it’s not about shoes, and I hope everybody understands that…”


It’s about showing somebody that have chosen the right career field, that they are true in their path, that it validated me,” Payne was rather dazzled for having an impact on his students, “Sometimes you go home, and you don’t know whether you have an impact? I know that I am making an impact.” Payne said.

Watch the tear-jerking video right below:

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