NASA Shares Dramatic Images Of Burning Australian Fires Took By A Space-Satellite!

Oops, we hope you get the power of flying in the vacuum, you could be racing the stars, but then one day, you hit any satellite that humans have sent for their missions, only to realize that you’re better suited for the earth.

Nevertheless, over the past few weeks, Australian fires have swept across the continent, burning down 3.67 million acres in New South Wales alone.

OH, and this is not everything, because most recently, NASA has exposed that the Australian fires are so enormous and ruinous that they can be actually seen from the space – as seen in this particular satellite-image.

Image: Copernicus EMS

As seen in the picture, the fiery-smoked-cascading image snapped by both the NOAA-NASA Suomi NPP satellite and the International Space Station explains that the continent is standing at the edge of destruction.

The stations tweeted one image, writing, “Wildfires are pictured surrounding Sydney, Australia, as the International Space Station orbited 269 miles above the Tasman Sea on Jan. 3, 2020.”

Fact: This Satellite Images, Along With Other Tools, Help The Rescuer Teams To Detect Actively Burning Australian Fires, Track The Transport Of Smoke From Glow, Provide Information For Fire Management, And Map The Extent Of Changes To Ecosystem, Based On The Severity Of Burn Scars.”

Image: Copernicus EMS

According to the reports submitted by Bushfires and Natural Hazards CRC, maxed catastrophic fire danger ratings have been issued in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia.

And, yes, the continent is used to Australian fires, this year, they are extremely severer than traditional. And the reason is believed to be the rising temperature with over nearly 42-degree Celsius on a typical day.

Photos Revealed By NASA Show How A Burnt Continent Looks From Miles Away, STILL BURNING!

Source: Twitter

People all over the globe have been giving out services to save the in-flamed continent, and if you ask (have asked) to support too, here is your opening! Don’t forget: twenty-four humans have perished, and millions of animals have lost their chance to live. It’s your turn now to save what and whom you can. Good Luck!

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