For Listeners, The Good News Is Aquaman Sequel Is Coming Out, But For The Fans, It’s A Long Wait til 2022!

OK, without a doubt, Aquaman is one of the legends of sci-fi movies, and why not – the screenplay is so astounding! Anyway, back in 2018, when I first heard about the film, I didn’t know what was coming!

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But, after the film treasure launched, I just knew what the world was about to witness!

Source: Giphy

And the movie SERVED its audience – it was so incredible that – the next thing I wanted to be, was – AQUAMAN!!!

Source: Giphy

Anyway, a sequel of Aquaman is officially in the productions because, in February 2019, Warner Bros was kind enough to give us the release date. So, the good news – obviously it’s happening, but the bad news is – it’s a long wait till 2022!

I mean, On 27th February 2019, the studio announces the expected date of the splashy sci-fi film starring Jason Momoa as the titular superhero in cinemas on 16th December 2022 – well, that’s a long wait, correct?

Well…the launching date marks almost nearly four years from the film’s first debut, which radically means four hundred fish years (I am kidding, don’t even know what’s that equal to, but I will google). Anyway, after this long period – WILL WE EVEN REMEMBER WHO IS AQUAMAN – CAN ANY TYRANNY OCCURRED, RENDERING OUR DREAMS TO FORGET ABOUT AQUAMAN’S LEGACY?

Though I can’t be completely sure, hopefully, this long time will mold out the sequel in a pretty awesome way, giving extra creative forces plenty of time to find a way and to endlessly work in all the neat stuff they slipped into Aquaman’s post-credits scenes. Meanwhile, I suggest you stock up on new year discounts and some anti-wrinkle creams!

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