Here’s Why The Unruly April Fool’s Day Should Be Cut This Year!

No doubt everyone is a big FAN of April Fool’s Day, but, that being said, it might be a better idea to skip playing pranks on each other this year!

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I mean, there is a valid point behind the VOICE:

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But the most prominent reason we might want to cut APRIL FOOL’S DAY is that folks will be enticed to do coronavirus-related pranks, and that is not going to help anything ~ or worst ~ some people might get FRUSTRATED.


People are on edge – distressed, worried, and scared – and ‘an OMG! Did you see (X-CELEBRITY) died of the COVID-19?’ This prank is not going to entertain anybody; it’s only going to make things most hurtful.

Plus, there’s the potential risk of pranks spreading misinformation like ~
“the WHO announced the cure of the coronavirus” ~ that could run viral on the internet, scamming people’s understandings or even their lives!

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Now, this will make some people saying, “Ok, those pranks aren’t good, but I promise my coronavirus prank is going to be harmless.” Well, but even coronavirus pranks that seem inoffensive have the potential to make a bad situation more critical.


Conclusion: Let’s cut the coronavirus pranks – and PLEASE – be careful of people’s mindsets this April Fools’ Day, as a whole lot of people won’t be in a place where they’ll acknowledge your prank.


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