Andean Mountain Cats Are Smaller, Beautiful, And Unluckily, Endangered!

OK, so what do you think of wildcats? Like, they are BIG cats with super-strength and deadly claws such as lions, tigers, leopards, etc. Because our brain figures tell us that wild felines are big and domestic cats are small. But that’s not 1000% true – because while the most famous wildcats are the big ones, there are some small species too. Like the Andean Mountain Cats, which is one of those smaller species and it is cuteness overloaded.

Meet The Andean Mountain Cats – Due To Their Size And Exclusive Habitat; They’re Extremely Much Harder To Spot.

Instagram | @alianza_gato_andino

In a sentence, their fur-color and pattern make them able to blend into the arid, stony landscape high in the Andes mountains. So, it’s tough for humans to spot them in person, but the trail cams catch them in action!

Ranging in size from 22 to 33.5 inches in length and weighing an average of 12 pounds (somewhat about the size of a pet cat), there are only 10 Andean mountain cats found in-person to humans.

Instagram | @alianza_gato_andino

But unfortunately, the Andean cat population isn’t very hearty – and they are estimated to be only about 1400 adults living in the wild, hitting the species as one of the five most endangered cats in the world.

Instagram | @alianza_gato_andino

However, experts are trying their best to conserve the species by protecting their habitat through education and environmental practices.

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