It’s Physically Impossible To Control Your Laugh On These $1,200 Stimulus Checks Jokes And Here’s The Best Ones!

As many of you are well aware that, the U.S government has sent out stimulus checks to some citizens to help keep them afloat during the ongoing pandemic. However, some folks, who have run out of ways of entertaining themselves these tedious days, took these bills as stimuli of feeding their mood-hunger and created a lot of hilarious jokes on the internet.

These $1200 stimulus checks have made the internet users plan about how weirdly they are going to spend the money as soon as they can. But, others are poking fun at the fact that it’s now the IRS sending them money, instead of the other way around (well, the COVID-19 did change something in our favor).

Here are the best ones that we have found on the internet so far! Keep scrolling.


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