This Japanese Artist Crafts Dragon Sculpture Out Of a Palm Tree And I Cannot Wait Longer To Shout “AWE!”

Japanese people are famous for their ability to create marvels, and if you dare calculate their past-works history – Japan has not only developed in science, but their most prominent accomplishment is -while advancing their modern lives, they did not leave their traditions behind. Yeah, Japanese people follow their rituals like butter and jam (hard to separate). Plus, Japan is the country of masters – I don’t know how, but their people know how to create exceptionally wondrous things – and I believe their secret is being patient about everything. So, when a talented Japanese artist crafted dragon sculpture out of a palm tree – the news didn’t really come with a shock!

A Talented Japanese Artist Ayako Crafted This Incredible Japanese Dragon Sculpture For The Shimadakara Arts Festival In Okinawa!

Source: Instagram

In Urama, a city in Japan, there’s an annual arts festival mostly famous as The Shimadakara, aka island treasure, that celebrates the art and talent of Japan’s southern islands. Each year, hundreds of people participate in showcasing their skills by creating crafts that are often made from natural material. And this year, as a talented Japanese artist Ayako crafted the Ryujin dragon, it stood out as one of the great wonders!

Source: Instagram

Ayako has hand-crafted the dragon from woods and straws sourced from Chinese fan palm!

Source: Instagram

The artist posted a few pics of her artwork on Twitter and Instagram, and people all around the globe couldn’t control their awe for the masterpiece. The dragon appearing in the sculpture is inspired by the massive mythical beast Ryujin, aka the dragon kami of the sea, that ruled the undersea in the historical period. Featuring braided vines and dried palm leaves, as well as hand-carved wooden teeth, it looks like the dragon could come to life at any moment. In fact, when the wind blows, the natural elements become lively and create the illusion of motion, as though the dragon appears to be hovering in mid-air.

And Look – The Dragon Appears To Be Having A Great Time!

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