Bethany And Her Sister Carolina May Have Wonky Faces, But They Have Loving Personalities, And They Are Up For Adoption!

With rescue teams rescuing needy animals the other day, there are so many animals in need of shelter, more than that could ever realistically be found for them, and unfortunately, that suggests those with abnormalities or special needs usually get euthanized without even getting a mere chance to survive. That’s the reason – why every rescue team is focusing more on saving and re-homing oddball dogs that are in good health and deserve a chance to live – and as a human, it’s our concern as well to protect them with any help we can provide.

Recently, A Rescue Team Rescued A Litter Pups With Wonky Faces, And Bethany, Alongside With Her Sister Carolina, Were The Rescued Dogs That Went Viral:

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A UK-based rescue team, Safe Rescue For Dogs, saved them along with three other puppies, helping them find their new homes. Bethany and Carolina, both are Labrador mixes, and one can finely identify them because Bethany has a darker face, while Carolina has a much whiter muzzle.

Instead Of Euthanizing The Needy Animals, The Organization Focuses On Reaching Out To Families For Help!

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The rescue team focuses on finding homes for all dogs, regardless of their conditions, with a prime focus on dogs from the streets of Romania. As it turns out, Romania has a terrible stray-dog problem that stems from the Ceausescu era (1974-1989) – when the families were asked to boycott their pets to move into government-provided apartments. Yeah, and apparently, those earlier pets multiplied into a large ratio, and the country chose to kill them to deal with the problem.

So, the Safe Rescue For Dogs does what they can do to get dogs into loving homes, and Bethany and Carolina are part of a litter of five pups born to a Romanian stray who lucked into finding a modest house to care for them.

Plus, A Family Turned To The Rescue Team For Help!

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Of all the five puppies, a pup named Lulu, who also has a similar wonky face, has already been adopted, but Bethany and Carolina are still awaiting their superheroes. The remaining two pups will arrive in the country soon.

Trust Me, All The Pups Are Healthier, And Loving – They Only Look A Bit Different!

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Since their wonky faces went viral, there have been plenty of inquiries by hopeful families, making the rescue team overwhelmed. The team also commented they wouldn’t accept any applicant who is unwilling to take one of the other dogs in need of homes too, after all, they are all good dogs, loving dogs!

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