A Nursing Home In Texas Opens Its Doors For Kids To Trick Or Treat, And Surprisingly Gets Over 5000 Visitors!

Halloween is not the day for young or old, but it’s the day when everybody gathers around becoming one. And what’s not to cherish – kids walk over the streets for trick or treat; adults get a chance to dress-up (like an evil), and homes get loaded with massive volume of candies. And speaking of houses, a nursing home was missing its Halloween fun over a decade, but this year, the elderly couldn’t be more lonely, and they opened up their doors for the trick or treaters.

A few days back, a nursing home in Webstar, Texas, posted an article on Facebook asking people to donate candies that they could give out to trick or treaters on Halloween 2019. And little did the elderly know, people not only donated candies but also thousands of people came to celebrate Halloween Eve together with the elderly, leaving them in shock!

This Nursing Home In Webstar, Texas, Asked On Facebook To Donate Candies That They Could Give Out To Trick Or Treaters!

Source: Facebook

The staff of the nursing home posted an image of their residents holding signs that said, “We miss giving candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween. Please help us reach our goal of collecting enough candies to invite people to our nursing house for a safe and fun place to trick-or-treat. Thank you!” The staff also provided an address for the delivery.

If humanity is still a surprise for you, then the elderly received tons of candies, and were waiting for Halloween 2019 to hand them out!

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Soon, the nursing home posted another image displaying the amount of candies they had received, plus, they were so…waiting for the trick or treaters.

Credit: Facebook

The Halloween Eve Was A Huge Success With Over 5,000 People Came To Celebrate With The Elderly. The Elderly Were So Happy To Celebrate Halloween 2019 With Kids And Other Community Members.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

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