Forthcoming Stranger Things Season 4 May Have A Marvel Connection

First thing first, Stranger Things is one of the best science fiction horror web-series (no doubt), but after three successful seasons, maybe now it’s time to mix things up. Woah! I don’t mean there isn’t enough theory in the show, but how many times will they expect Eleven to take-over the deadly creatures. I mean, the show has only one mutant (Eleven) fighting with maybe hundreds and thousands. And on the other hand, Marvel is famous for their crossovers in their movies. Now, I don’t suggest there will be an unexpected connection between Marvel and Stranger Things, but it can hit close enough.

Before we reveal the link, let’s shed light on Eleven’s character:

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The show creators didn’t take too long to expose Eleven’s extreme powers (though while seeing the show, I thought how arduous it must have been for a girl to control her strengths!). But Eleven tried to master it once she became the part of the gang. Anyway, throughout the seasons, she’s lowkey a mutant. Plus, as she is lost her best-daddy in the last season, I bet things might get more grave.

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So, recently, the ‘Stranger Things’ writers posted this on Twitter. The episode title of the premiere is The Hellfire Club.

Now, the twist is, The Hellfire Club is actually an evil group in the Marvel comics that take Jean Grey and use her powers for evil.

Considering the fact that Jean Grey and Eleven are very similar, this may be a look into the future of ‘Stranger Things’ season 4!

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What we can conclude after assembling the pieces of this puzzle is: Eleven may turn into an evil in the upcoming season 4. Let us know what you resolve right beneath the post.

1 thought on “Forthcoming Stranger Things Season 4 May Have A Marvel Connection

  1. This is a bit Doylist, but with Disney having its own streaming service and moving away from having any of its properties on Netflix, I don’t think that Stranger Things will be a part of anything Marvel. That said, there’s a lot of ’80s references in the show, and I could see them referencing something Marvel, in a similar way they reference Dungeons & Dragons.

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