A Moroccan Couple Was Trying To Smuggle A 10-Year-Old Kid, Got Arrested!

OK, lately, a 10-year-old Palestinian boy was recovered from a shopping trolley being pulled by a Moroccan couple who were going to Spain from Morocco (pretty awful, correct?). The 10-year-old little kid was noticed by Spanish police on Monday when the couple was trying to cross the Beni-Enzar border crossing Melilla on the northwest coast of Africa.

These Heartbreaking Photos Show How The Kid Managed To Survive This Scrunched Up And Crouched Bags Of Lettuce Surrounding Him:

Source: Daily Mail
Source: Daily Mail

On Monday, the Spanish police arrested a Moroccan couple – a 34-year-old man and a 38-year-woman for traffic charges at Melilla, a famous Spanish autonomous city and ill-famed smuggling point.

The Spanish National Police released a photo of the shopping trolley the boy was being carried, “We searched the shopping trolley after getting suspicious for its heavyweight,” an officer reported.

Though we don’t know much details, it is believed that the kid’s mommy had paid for the trip, I doubt whether anyone was waiting for him at the other side, the Daily Mail reports, the kid is sent back to his mother, who is residing in Melilla’s temporary rescue shelters.

Source: Daily Mail

But it’s still not safe for people living in Melilla’s or around it because the city has been a hotspot for migrant border crossings, as it is one of the only EU territories that parts a land border with the African continent, with the other being the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, also bordering Morocco.

But policies have been declared, and a bond is established between the European Commission’s special representative for migration that Migrants are prohibited from boarding ferries that travel from the Spanish enclaves in Africa to mainland Europe.

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