9-Year-Old Quaden Bullied Over His Dwarfism Wants To Lose His Life, And Celebs Are Stepping In To Help Him!

We must warn you, Yarraka Bayles’s video of Quaden is very emotional, and you should watch it at your discretion. 

Recently, a pitiful video of a 9-year-old boy Quaden went viral – and once again brought the issue of bullying to the forefront of people’s subconsciousness!

In the viral video – filmed by Quaden’s mother – the lad sorrowfully sobs, yells, and says he want to lose his life because he gets bullied over having Achondroplasia, a form of Dwarfism, every single day.

But the unexpected always happens – and the viral video encouraged some celebrities to lend Quaden a helping hand, including comedian Brad Williams who also has dwarfism – he has raised over 200K Australian dollars (and still counting) to send the child and his mother to Disneyland in California. You can also support the GoFundMe campaign right here.

Gaining over a staggering 373K reactions and 19M video-views from all over the globe, Yarraka wants to let people know the devastating effects of bullying are!

Yarraka said in the video that, “I’ve just picked my son up from school, witnessed a bullying episode, rang the principal, and I want people to know—parents, educators, teachers—this is the effect that bullying has -“

Continuing, Yarraka also mentioned her son has tried to lose his life before.

People from all over the globe are sending their love and support to Quaden and his mother as best they can – and – members of the Australian National Rugby League invited Quaden to lead out the Indigenous team before the All-Stars game against the Maori team:


Even Hugh Jackman sent a tweet to the lost son!

And comedian Brad Williams has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to send the boy and his mother to Disneyland in California:

Twitter | @funnybrad
Twitter | @funnybrad
Twitter | @funnybrad
Twitter | @funnybrad

And lastly, Quaden has a few words to say to the people who are being bullied:

So, next time – if someone bullies you – know yourself that you’re as strong as them (or even more) – and show them where they belong!


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