4-Month-Old Baby Wins Over Brain Cancer And Gets Help From Mom To Ring Bell!

After months spent fighting brain cancer, 4-month-old Lillian Grace Borden, aka Lily, aka baby-fighter, has finally rung the “cancer-free” bell at the hospital – with the help of her mum, of course.

The awestruck moment was captured in video and posted on the internet, where it has since gone on-trend, pulling the heartstrings of people all over the world.

Back Story – Lily Was Born On September 5, 2019, And Incipiently Seemed To Be A Perfect Healthy Baby Girl!

Facebook | Leann Borden

A report says Lily wasn’t distressed at birth, plus her parents, Patrick and Leann, recalls, “We held her, she cried, we cried, all was right with the world.”

Anywho, A Nurse Soon Marked That Something Wasn’t Normal, And Discerned Lily Wasn’t Moving Her Limbs Fitly!

Facebook | Leann Borden

Thus, an orthopedic expert was alarmed, and a subsequent MRI found ‘an ominous spot on the brain stem.’

As it turned out, the dark spot was a tumor that went from her brain stem down her spinal cord, just below her shoulders. And the swelling was judged inoperable, although growing at an attacking rate, so doctors proceeded with a biopsy.

And The Results Came Back, And Barely A Month Old Lily Was Diagnosed With A Stage 3/4 Glioma Brain Cancer:

Facebook | Leann Borden

Plus, because of the tumor’s location, surgeons told Lily’s parents that they wouldn’t be able to operate.

Luckily, hope wasn’t wholly lost – the family had discovered a recently approved targeted form of chemotherapy for tumors of a particular genetic makeup. So, there was no time to wait – they had to act fast if there was going to be any chance to save Lily’s life.

The Chemo Treatment Started On October 2, 2019, And A Follow-Up MRI Attested The Tumor Had Become Moderately Smaller!

Facebook | Leann Borden

GoFundMe, on behalf of her parents’ states, “By the time the second round of treatment was scheduled three weeks later, they had received approval for the targeted therapy. Her first MRI three weeks after use of the targeted therapy showed NO SIGN OF THE TUMOR.”

And, After Three More Week-Long Targeted Chemotherapy Sessions, Lily Was Finally Trumpeted Cancer Free On January 25, 2020!

Facebook | Leann Borden

In a video posted to her Facebook, Leann can be seen boastfully holding her nearly 5-month-old baby fighter as they prepare to ring the hospital’s bell.

With Lily’s father, Patrick, Standing By Their Sides, Leann Stretches Up And Rings The Cancer-Free Bell On Behalf Of Their Little Warrior Of A Daughter.

To everyone who has been through this journey with us,this is our big moment with lily! We thank everyone who has been…

Posted by Leann Borden on Saturday, January 25, 2020

A teary-eyed Leann says in the video, “We would have lost everything. I’ve never met such amazing people in my whole life.” Pass me some tissues!

Lily’s GoFundMe Page Was Founded Just Days After Her Diagnosis That Documents Her Entire Treatment Process.

Facebook | Leann Borden

As reports say, the campaign has raised $10,410 of its $15,000 goal.

Its organizer, Shari Borden, explained these funds would ease the financial burden of the family while traveling for Lily’s treatments and missing months of work.

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