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Ellen Amazed A 15-Year-Old Cancer Survivor With Tickets To See The Ellen DeGeneres Show!

YouTube | TheEllenShow

In March, a 15-year-old cancer survivor, Coco Johnson, went viral after her family, friends, and neighbors surprised her with a welcome home party on her last day of chemotherapy. On Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen kept the surprises coming by giving Coco some more presents.

Due to the difficult times that we’re in, the neighbors couldn’t throw a traditional welcoming party so as not to violate any social distancing rules; however, they lined the streets for a parade while Coco’s parents drove her home.

YouTube | TheEllenShow

And recently, Coco appeared on The Ellen Show to discuss her cancer treatment and viral video.

YouTube | TheEllenShow

Coco was diagnosed with rare pediatric bone cancer when she was just 14 years old. She also mentioned that undergoing chemotherapy, losing her hair, and being unable to attend high school with her friends were the hardest bits of her cancer battle.

“I had to social distance throughout that because of my low blood count,” the 15-year-old cancer survivor from Pasadena, Calif, continued, “So, in a way, it prepared me for this because at times when I wanted to see my family and friends I couldn’t see my family and friends.”

Fortunately, Coco is “feeling great,” she updated.

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Coco then told Ellen DeGeneres that she is a “huge fan” of the show and that she and her parents, April and Kelly, had applied for the show, plus they also received tickets to an episode of the show, but the show was for April 1st, which meant that they didn’t get to go after all due to the ongoing pandemic.

But Ellen then revealed she had something special up her sleeve and amazed Coco by telling her that she and her parents would be receiving tickets from Ellen herself to see her show when they’re back to filming with a real audience.

“Not only are you coming back to see the show when we come back, but we’re upgrading. You’re going to come to one of the 12 Days of Giveaways shows. That would be a better show to come to,” the 62-year-old host upgraded the surprise.

Also, DeGeneres donated $25k to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in Johnson’s name! What an awe-inspiring move from Ellen!

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