Ten Plus People Who Are Prepared For Anything, Anytime

Well, it’s good to be prepared. I mean, oftentimes we see some disastrous news on tv only to realize how exposed we and our house are to threats. Any while, we could be hit by a crowd of fools high on drugs and fantasies of glory, or we could fall victim to a flute waving lunatic who dares us to a flute duel.

However, one thing is for sure, these people on this list would never let themselves be grabbed out in such a ludicrously particular circumstance, as I bestow you this 10 Plus people who are prepared for anything, anytime!

#1. This Toilet At The End Of The Universe:

Reddit | Lepang8

#2. So, my friend asked this boy who was taking her order, “As much spiced-sauce as you can give me without losing your job.”

Reddit | superman2706

#3. Had plenty of free time, so I made ‘this Chainsaw’:


#4. I don’t know who was coming over that day, but my catto was fully prepared with her hideout:

Reddit | Teharu

#5. OK, the first time my cousin gets me something on my birthday – and gets me this…

Reddit | PoisonPanty

#6. Some people are not yet prepared for Apple’s wireless vision:

Reddit | Escake

#7. This house is so…well prepared for Summer:

Reddit | naruto_hd

#8. “Attended a patron on the weekend. When he stood up, I commented on his height. He gave me this card and shut the door.”


#9. “My boy made my wife an accomplished flowchart:”

Reddit | ActualJeremyAnderson

#10. “Ready for the eclipse tomorrow?”

Reddit | demshinynutz

#11. “My neighbor questioned how I was preparing for my first babe…”

Reddit | cnigroni

#12. Even this doggo is fully processed for combat:

Reddit | Ze-skywalker

#13. “No Flu for Me” – actually, it should say – “No Sneezing On Me”

Reddit | gijoeusa

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