10+ Amusing Church Signs About The Coronavirus Outbreak!

Well, church signs in the United States can be a lot of entertaining, encouraging us up but also making us think at the same time. And though, the vast majority of churches are now either closed or seeing far fewer worshippers pass through their gate because of the coronavirus outbreak, their sense of amusement and habit of giving perfectly-whipped advice haven’t faded away. Hence, here’re 10+ amusing church signs about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Viral Candy has compiled a list of some of the wittiest church signs that give amusing and sometimes harshly just advice for living during the coronavirus outbreak. Scroll down and share your faves with your beloved ones.


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Via Reddit

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention apprised that no more than 10-people gather for public or private events. Hence, a very high number of religious conventions have closed their gates, and congregations are now meeting online.

Plus, these amusing church signs are grabbing people’s attention by dishing out tips on staying at home and how much social distancing is crucial.


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